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Privacy Policy

We hate spam as much or more than you do and will not rent, share, or sell your information with anyone ever! We will only use your information to communicate with you directly, and you can remove yourself from our list at any time with one simple click.

If you have privacy concerns, please notify us at info@blueprofit.ca


Terms and Conditions

We will always ask you for feedback on your new website design and provide you with different options until you are completely happy with the result.

Once you will approve a design we will immediately start working on it. This is why, if you would like to change the look of your web site after you have approved the design, we must charge extra. This is because this work is additional and was not initially quoted in our web site pricing, which we do in order to keep our prices as low as possible. Changing the look or design of a web site, after a web site has been constructed and HTML coded, is a very time consuming process. Our pricing is extremely competitive in this industry and with this pricing we expect that our customers understand our guarantee and work alongside us to make sure that the web sites projects go smoothly.

BlueProfit Web Design projects require a 50% up front payment, with the remaining 50% payment due upon completion of the project. We do our best to get your project completed by the proposed end date, however many unforeseen circumstances occur in the web design business that are out of our control such as client’s inability to provide the web site content in an organized and timely manner, therefore our inability to provide you a finished product by your end date does not constitute a breach of this contract.

When doing business with BlueProfit Web Design, it is understood that you recognize these terms and conditions.